Month: September 2012

Used Pallet Racking in Barnsley

Pallet Racking in Barnsley Looking to purchase?Used Pallet Racking in Barnsley? We serve?Warehouses, Retail units, factories and Offices, offering the most efficient method of storing items from?small parts to pallets. Here at…

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Used Pallet Racking in Liverpool

Pallet Racking in Liverpool Are you looking to?buy?Used Pallet Racking?in?Liverpool? Our experienced?in-house team at Advanced Handling?& Storage Ltd?are able to?install the?racking?with minimal disruption to the everyday running of your business. Call us…

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Second Hand Pallet Racking in Edinburgh

Second Hand Pallet Racking in Edinburgh Are you looking to buy Second Hand Pallet Racking?in?Edinburgh??If this is so please call Advanced Handling and Storage on 01388 779111, we hold huge stocks of…

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Mezzanine Floor in Durham

Mezzanine Floor in Durham Looking to install a?Mezzanine Floor?in?Durham??Do you?have an industrial?warehouse, retail outlet, office premises?or?factory, and require extra storage space? Here at Advanced Handling and Storage Ltd?we can supply any specification…

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Used Pallet Racking in Northallerton

Pallet Racking in Northallerton Used Pallet Racking?in?Northallerton?is?available direct from our 60,000sq ft.?Warehouse?in Shildon,?County Durham. We?stock?huge amounts of Used Pallet Racking?ready for dispatch. Here at Advanced Handling and Storage Ltd,?Pallet Racking?is one of?our…

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Mezzanine Floors in Durham

Mezzanine Floors in Durham At Advanced?Handling?and Storage Ltd we specialise in?Mezzanine Floors?in?Durham?and throughout the UK, specialising in both new and?second-hand. We can supply, deliver and install the flooring system using our?professional?and experienced…

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Pallet Racking in Grimsby

Pallet Racking in Grimsby Are you looking to buy or sell?Pallet Racking?in?Grimsby?maybe you’re?re-locating to?a new?Storage,?Warehouse or Factory?facility and want to?maximise your?space or perhaps your company?have re-located and the previous tenants have?Pallet Racking…

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Used Pallet Racking in Carlisle

Pallet Racking in Carlisle Used Pallet Racking?in?Carlisle?is readily?available direct from our?Warehouse?in Shildon?County Durham. We?hold huge amounts of Used Pallet Racking in stock ready for immediate dispatch. Here at Advanced Handling and Storage,?Pallet…

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Troax Wire Mesh Decks in Dumfries

Mesh Decks in Dumfries Are you looking for?Wire?Mesh Decks?in?Dumfries?for your Pallet Racking? Advanced Handling and Storage Ltd have 1800 in stock measurements are 1320mm x 900mm ready for immediate dispatch.?Mesh Decks?are used…

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Used Dexion Pallet Racking in Hexham

Pallet Racking in Hexham Are you looking to buy or sell?Dexion Pallet Racking?in?Hexham,?perhaps?you’re?opening a new?Storage facility, Factory or Warehouse?and want to?maximise space?or?perhaps?you have recently re-located and have unwanted Pallet Racking in your…

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