Month: August 2013

Paper Based Document Storage

Is operating a?paperless?office?really possible?? Is it really practical or safe and secure or is it just a theoretical myth?? We think so, no matter how hard you try to maximise the full…

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Shelving Solutions Right for You

Shelving Solutions There are so many different stacking units and shelving solutions?available; that the options you have to choose from can be somewhat overwhelming and even confusing. Different systems each have their…

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Maximization: Document Storage System

Efficient Document Storage System Need an efficient record,?filing and document storage?system and finding this a difficult task to master? Don’t worry Advanced Handling &?Storage?Ltd?are here to help… Whether it?s?maximization?of your original and…

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Second Hand Document Storage Solutions

Whether you are self-employed or running your own business and a busy office, the day to day demands of your business and workload seem a lot more pressing than keeping your?documents?in an…

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Pallet Racking: Material Handling Storage System

Pallet racking?is a?material handling storage?aid?system?that is designed to store materials on?pallets. Although there are many varieties and manufactures of?pallet racking,?all types allow for the?storage of?palletized materials?in horizontal rows and with multiple levels….

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