Month: October 2014

Storage Space ? Be Economical

Storage Space – Be Economical. Does your business work from a large?industrial?scaled?warehouse?or do you simply use the best economical amount of space available? Whatever size space you are utilizing to fulfil your?storage?requirements…

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Dynamic Pallet Racking Storage

Dynamic Pallet Racking Storage Dynamic Pallet Racking Storage is available in both new and second hand direct from?Advanced Handling & Storage Ltd?Call us now on?01388 779111?for further information With over 15 years?…

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Warehouse Storage – Knowledge is the best defence

Warehouse Storage – Keep it safe Warehouse Storage – It is just knowing what to do, but actually taking action and doing it! Advanced Handling &?Storage?Ltd believe that more businesses need to…

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Knowledge is the best defence

Knowledge is the best defence?- Not all Pallet Racking suppliers?will have YOUR best interest at heart! The?warehouse,?factory?racking?and?shelving?industry has diversified over the last couple of decades so ?to deliver more cost?effective solutions for…

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The Pallet Racking People going all E ? Commerce!

We are going all?E-Commerce! ?Advanced Handling &?Storage?Ltd – The Pallet Racking People is now moving effectively towards the development of a?new e-commerce website?in order to meet the demands of all our customers….

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Offering the best when it comes to Pallet Racking Safety

New venture offers customers the best when it comes to Health and Safety.?Health and?Safety?is paramount within any business particular in busy?warehousing?and?factory?environments where things can be noisy and confusing. We are very interested…

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