Month: February 2017

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Here at Advanced we always go on about pallet racking or mezzanine floors but another part of what we do is shelving. New and Second Hand Shelving As well as supplying a…

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Mezzanine Flooring ? The True Benefits

Today I wanted to discuss the benefits of mezzanine flooring and what they mean for your business. At Advanced Handling and Storage we can provide you with either new or secondhand mezzanine…

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Types of Pallets

Whether you work in a warehouse or not you may think that there is only one type of pallet! In fact there are loads of different types of pallets! When you way…

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Are You Adhering to Warehouse Fire Regulations?

Great management isn?t restricted to the effective running of your business, a healthy bottom line, or happy staff but also ensuring that building regulations and the associated fire risks are up to…

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At Advanced Handling and Storage we like to ask for testimonials from all of our customers. The reason we do that is because we want prospective customers to have no doubt in…

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The Secret Bonuses of Safety Barriers

Polymer safety barriers provide advanced protection, but did you know that they can also boost facility performance and productivity? It may be logical to assume that polymer-based safety barriers perform a simple…

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Are you maximising your warehouse space?

Take a fresh look at your warehouse this month! It?s the start of a brand new month and that?s the perfect time to take a fresh look at how your warehouse is…

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Use Protection this Valentine?s Day!

With Valentine?s day is just around the corner, it is the time of year where everyone gets a bit starry eyed and in love! We thought it would be the right time…

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How to Keep Your Pallet Racking Safe

Pallet Racking is like a car. Yes that does sound like a very unusual comparison, but think of it like this: It is safe and reliable when used correctly, but dangerous is…

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Dexion Pallet Racking for Your Warehouse

With over 50 years of experience in storage systems, Dexion pallet racking is the most trusted in the industry and should be the number one choice for your warehouse storage facility. Pallet…

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