Month: January 2019

Choosing the Right Warehouse Racking System

For anyone who owns a company with a large warehouse at the centre of operations, choosing the right warehouse racking system will play a vital part in if the company succeeds or…

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Used Dexion Pallet Racking

Used, Second Hand and Pre Owned Dexion pallet racking from Advanced Handling and Storage is a great option for any business! We currently have a lot a Dexion in stock and ready…

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Used Mezzanine Floors

Advanced Handling can provide you with new and used Mezzanine Flooring solutions to suit your business needs! We supply and install a wide range of mezzanine floors and raised access platforms for…

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HiLo Pallet Racking UK

Here at Advanced we have a substantial amount of used, second hand and pre owed HiLo pallet racking now in stock! We have many different components of the Hilo system available to…

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Second Hand Warehouse Racking

Our second hand warehouse racking solutions are perfect for every business! In the current day there are a number of large multi-national companies and shopping centres in every city. Behind these companies…

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The Benefits of Warehouse Racking in Business

In this day and age there are endless shopping centres or shopping complexes in each city – whether it is a developed on or one that is currently developing. Each of these…

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Sell Pallet Racking

Do you have any pallet racking that you no longer need? Do you want to sell of it for a great price? Well… we buy any pallet racking! You can speak to…

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What Causes Problems in a Warehouse?

Putting people together with machines in a warehouse is always going to create safety issues – and they will be particularly acute at the busiest times. Loading bays can be particularly problematic…

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Why Second Hand Pallet Racking

Finding a smart way to maximize the storage space is one of the essential things for a warehouse. It is where new and second hand pallet racking come as a saviour. They…

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How to Choose a Mezzanine Floor for your Office

A mezzanine floor can be an excellent option for your office. These stylish extra floors can be fitted into most spaces with ease, helping you to make the most of the available…

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