Month: May 2019

What You Should Consider When Buying Second Hand Pallet Racking

Although the purchase of second hand pallet racking comes with an attractive price proposition, there are a few things you must consider when buying second hand pallet racking and the company you’re…

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Warehouse Racking – What You need to Know

Warehouse Racking, Not Quite The Straightforward Option It Might Seem. Your product will illustrate the type of racking you choose for your warehouse storage, quite often you may need a mixture of…

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New and Used Shelving from Advanced

At Advanced Handling and Storage, not only do we offer pallet racking… we also offer used shelving! We supply, deliver and install shelving for companies from offices, to schools, from museums to…

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The Benefits of a Second Hand Pallet Racking Solution

Second hand pallet racking is such a fantastic product, and we are getting more and more enquiries about it every day – it just goes to show that more and more people…

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Redirack Pallet Racking from Advanced Handling and Storage

Redirack pallet racking is another prominent manufacturer which is supplied, delivered and installed by Advanced Handling and Storage ltd. They produce a wide range of pallet racking solutions to companies all over…

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What Causes Problems in a Warehouse?

Putting people together with machines in a warehouse is always going to create safety issues – and they will be particularly acute at the busiest times. Loading bays can be particularly problematic…

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Optimise Pallet Racking with Safety Accessories

Ok, so you have had your pallet racking system installed now, BUT have you thought how powerful your system would be if you introduced pallet racking safety accessories.  Pallet racking is an…

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New vs Used – The Pros and Cons

So you should know by now that not only can we supply new pallet racking… we also supply secondhand. We love dealing with secondhand racking here at Advanced but in today’s blog…

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Warehouse Safety

Every single day company directors experience employees injuring themselves or being made ill by their work. This can be due to a number of different reasons such as lack of policies, lack…

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