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What Pallet Racking Should You Get?

Posted on 11th June 2020

We know it can be confusing when you’re looking at pallet racking. There’s so many different systems which offer different solutions, and it’s not always clear what system will work best for…

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What You Should Consider When Buying Second Hand Pallet Racking

Posted on 9th June 2020

Although the purchase of second hand pallet racking comes with an attractive price proposition, there are a few things you must consider when buying racking and the company you’re buying from. If…

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What kind of pallet racking system should I use?

Posted on 4th June 2020

When you are working out how best to organise your warehouse, there is no doubt that there are many things that you need to think about. One consideration that you may wish…

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Second Hand Pallet Racking doesn’t mean Second Best

Posted on 2nd June 2020

Second Hand Pallet Racking doesn’t mean second best or that you are being offered poor quality and obsolete pallet racking.  Second Hand Pallet Racking from Advanced Handling and Storage Ltd is always…

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Storage Solutions for Small Businesses

Posted on 28th May 2020

Ask any small retail business owner in the UK what they would change about their brick and mortar retail location and many of them would say that they would want a better…

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Used HiLo Rack Plan

Posted on 26th May 2020

Used HiLo rack plan is another specialism of Advanced Handling and Storage. HiLo are another popular manufacturer of pallet racking. They are renowned for their great quality, range of systems and durability….

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A Guide to Drive In Pallet Racking

Posted on 21st May 2020

Pallets have long been used to store goods in places such as warehouses, storage and distribution centres, retail centres and manufacturing facilities. If the business has goods that can generally be stored…

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Adjusting Pallet Racking to your Business Needs

Posted on 19th May 2020

When your business grows, or the products stocked change, your warehouse may benefit from alterations to your pallet racking. This can allow you to make more efficient use of your space based…

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