Case Study 3

This job is an example of a new adjustable pallet racking solution which was supplied, delivered and installed by Advanced Handling & Storage Ltd. We were tasked in finding the best storage option to fill this customer?s 70,000 square foot warehouse and maximise the space he had available.


We decided that new adjustable PSS pallet racking was the best option for him once he had seen our unbeatable price combined with our dedicated customer service team and continuous support.

After visiting the warehouse and measuring the available space we knew that the best option would be 8500mm tall frames x 1100mm deep and beams holding 3000kgs of weight. He received a quote stating these specifications clearly and accurately before going ahead with the order.

We have been installing pallet racking since the business was founded in 1996 so working with this racking specification was not a problem. Our team of installers are all SEIRS approved and work to the SEMA guidelines to ensure that the system is safe to use from day one.

This customer was not storing pallets on the pallet racking so had a need for new chipboard decking which was also installed by us. Floor fixings, floor shims and safe working load notices where also part of the installation as they are always installed as standard.

Since completing this install in Merseyside earlier this year, we have been back a couple of times to install different additional components such as more chipboard decking and safety barriers.

The specialism of Advanced Handling and Storage Ltd is second hand pallet racking, however, as you can see from the pictures and case study above, we still offer new solutions. You can be sure that all of our solutions meet health and safety requirements which ensures a smooth running of operations and gives you the peace of mind that this structure is safe.

All Photographs Are Of New PSS Pallet Racking Supplied, Delivered and Installed By Us

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