Case Study 4

This job was completed in May 2017 ? luckily for our team of SEIRS approved installers it was one of the first days of the year that it was sunny!

This customer wanted Dexion drive-in pallet racking in order to store plastic containers outside of his warehouse. We chose a galvanised racking solution to ensure it would withstand the elements. Galvanised systems are ideal for external storage or cold store as the frames and beams will not rust, even though they battle harsh weather conditions. This means that the structure of the racking is not affected by the elements and rarely needs replacing.

This solution was installed in second hand materials which we had in stock in our 45,000 square foot warehouse. This means that the customer saved almost 40% compared to the cost of a new system whilst ensuring that it was there to last.

The installation was finished with load notices to meet health and safety guidelines

This install was completed in two phases as we had to work around the business with as little interruption as possible. This was appreciated by the customer who was concerned that the installation may bring his operations to a halt and potentially lose him time and money. However since the install he has been extremely happy with the solution – it has served the purpose and he saved almost 40% compared to a new system.

We have since been back and installed second hand A-Safe Traffic Plus barriers. These are pedestrian barriers and are to help divide up the space and keep people safely away from the system. As it is a drive in system, specialised forklift trucks are used to access the goods and if pedestrians are unaware of this, someone could end up hurt. This kind of barrier is a great way to keep people safe!

We had a great time doing this job and look forward to working with this customer again in the future.

All Photographs Are Of Second Hand Dexion Drive In Pallet Racking Supplied, Delivered and Installed By Us

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