Case Study 5

Advanced Handling and Storage Ltd have an extremely high customer retention rate. We always do a great job for customers, and that is what makes them keep coming back again!

This particular customer has been with us since 2003 and has come back to us year on year whenever they have needed any racking repairs, if they needed more racking or if they had any other queries. We strongly believe that the customer always comes first, and we do all we can in order to keep our customers happy! If you haven?t seen our core values make sure you visit our ?About? section!

This job in particular was installed in May 2017. It was completed in second hand PSS pallet racking and we think it really looks fantastic! We never buy any stock that is anything but great quality, so can always guarantee the perfect solution. The customer also wanted second hand mesh decking and column protectors, which we supplied and installed as well. The racking installed was 5600mm high x 900mm deep and held 2700mm, 2 tonne beams. We installed 3 beam levels per bay with mesh decks, which is perfect for the kind of items the want to store.

Mesh decks are a great addition to every warehouse. They are more hygienic than traditional chipboard, and come with a reduced fire risk. Due to the design of the mesh, they are favoured by insurance companies. They allow water from sprinkler systems to pass through the decks to help extinguish fires. The spaces between the mesh also allow light to pass through which increases visibility, and therefore can help to reduce accidents in the workplace.

Our 45,000 square foot warehouse always holds at least ?1/2 million worth of stock at all times. Our team of SEIRS approved installers completed the installation in Washington to the SEMA code of practice complete with load notices.

All Photographs Are Of Second Hand PSS Pallet Racking Supplied, Delivered and Installed By Us

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