Case Study 6

Advanced Handling & Storage Ltd also offer new and second hand mezzanine flooring. Mezzanine floors are great for every business as they make fantastic use of otherwise unusable space.

This company has been a customer of ours since 2014 when we provided them with a new mezzanine floor which was 60m squared.

We have been doing a lot of different work for them recently as this particular customer wanted a new 260 square metre mezzanine (20,000mm x 13,000mm) with a finished floor height of 3.9m.

He wanted the inclusion of a utility staircase with a hand and knee rail both sides along with a single utility landing.

Another thing which he wanted was a 2500mm wide swing gate. This was to allow the safety of staff when they are moving pallets on to the mezzanine floor with a forklift.

This installation was completed by our very own team of SEIRS approved installers, who ensured to comply with health and safety at all times.


For this customer we also completed dismantle and assembly of a few other mezzanine floors. He has one warehouse in York and another in Wetherby. He wanted one of his mezzanines dismantling in York and then re-assembling in the Wetherby warehouse. We completed the dismantling of the mezz floor in York in August and the reassembled it in their Wetherby warehouse in September.

We also moved another mezzanine floor which they had in their Wetherby warehouse to another location in that same warehouse. This was completed to help maximise their storage space and really make best use of their warehouse.


We have done a lot of work for this company to help them completely maximises every single square footage of available space ? and from their business point of view, it has worked wonders!

They have kept coming back to us year on year due to the fantastic level of customer service that they have received.

We certainly are looking forward to working with them again in the near future.

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