Case Study 7

This particular case study describes some recent work that we have done for a long standing and loyal customer of Advanced Handling and Storage Ltd. Since they came on board in 2011, we have always slowly added to their system as the business grew and grew, and as they needed more storage.

This job was completed in May 2017 by our SEIRS approved installation team and adheres to the SEMA code of practice. This company can rely on their racking being safe, and means they can store items on it straight away which means that their problem can be solved in a faster timescale. They choose a second hand AR pallet racking system with 6000mm height x 1100mm width and 3300mm x 3 tonne beams and it is safe to say it looks just as good as new!

The relationships that we build with businesses are the reason why our customers choose us and is why they keep coming back! We take time to understand the business to ensure you are getting the best pallet racking system. There are so many factors which influence the pallet racking solution you choose, including the type of goods being stored, the floor space you have available or the type of handling equipment used. Our knowledge, experience and expertise give you the peace of mind that you are getting the best solution, so if you know you need an answer to your storage problem but aren?t entirely sure what that solution may be – just get in touch and we?ll advise on what you need.

We worked around their schedule to organise the delivery and installation to ensure as little disruption to the business as possible.

We even received a testimonial from this customer the very next day, which just shows what a great job we?ve done ? ?The lads completed the installation yesterday ? excellent work ? neat tidy and very professional?

Short and sweet but it really gets the point across! We know what we are doing, and more importantly we do it well!

This pallet racking was put in place to solve the problem the company had which was a lack of space to store their products. This has served the purpose down to a ?T? and we can be sure that we will be helping this company again in the future!

All Photographs Are Of Second Hand AR Pallet Racking, Supplied, Delivered And Installed By Us

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