Month: November 2017

Cantilever Racking

Cantilever racking is a specific storage system which is perfect for storing long lengths of materials such as pipes, steel sheets, tubing, timber etc. This is most commonly found in builders or…

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Adjustable Pallet Racking

Adjustable Pallet Racking (also known as APR), as one of the most common types of racking systems available and are popular due to their flexibility and adaptability. This is one of the…

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Why Choose Advanced Handling & Storage Ltd?

Are you looking for a storage system to increase your storage space for your business or warehouse? Then you have come to the right place? ? One of the UK’s Largest Suppliers…

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Design Pallet Racking Right The First Time!

If cold stores have one more important lesson to teach, it is that given their much higher running costs compared with ambient warehouses it is critical to get the design right the…

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Horizontal Beam Distance – Pallet Racking

Q: Is there a standard practice/distance required for the levels of horizontal beams used on pallet racking? Or can these be in the situ at varying heights down to the user?s discretion?…

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Offering Pallet Racking Throughout the UK

We are one of the UK?s largest suppliers of second hand pallet racking, offering great quality pallet racking at very competitive prices. All the used pallet racking that we take in to…

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Black Friday ? Are You Ready?

Black Friday is becoming more and more popular every year and is now is more than just ?Black Friday? it is almost a ?Black Fortnight?. This is one of the most popular…

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Can I retro-fit Sacrificial Legs?

Q: Can I replace sacrificial legs on my pallet racking? I have been asked whether it is possible to retro-fit sacrificial legs to existing pallet racking uprights in order to replace damaged…

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Optimum Wine & Alcohol Storage

Thanks to the rise in popularity of craft brewing and local wineries, more warehouses than ever before are getting into the wine & alcohol storage game. From kegs of locally produced IPAs…

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Warehouse Height Safety Tips

Warehouse work, more than a lot of other industries, requires a lot of changes in elevation. There are various heights of pallet racks, rivet shelves, and other types of warehouse shelving that…

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